Organic Farming

What is Organic Farming?

Organic Farming is a production system of Crop and Livestrock that avoids use of fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and livestock food additives. Organic Farming relies on use of Animal Manures, Green Manures, Organic Waste, Crop Rotation, Biofertilizers and legumes to maintain soil productivity and to supply nutrients and to control unwanted weeds and pests.

Mipatex supports Organic Farming to its full extent with our products like Vermi Bed for Organic Compost, Azolla Bed for Animal Food, Biofloc Tank for Fish Farming, Mulching Film and Weed Mat to control weeds, Tarpaulin to Shed your Crops and Shade Net to protect your crops from harmful UV Rays.

Why Farm Organically?

The main reasons farmers doing organic farm are their concerns for the environment and soil productivity. Farmers have found organic farming method to be more profitable and personally rewarding for them.

Why Buy Organic Products?

Clients purchase products supporting organic farming for many different reasons. Many wants to do farming which is free of chemical pesticides. Some like to try new and different products for farming. Concerns of Environment, Soil Productivity and wanting to avoid chemical use are among the main reasons clients prefer organic farming.

Certified Products

Mipatex products are as per IS Standards. We are certified by government of India for our different products. Most of our products are labelled with IS Standard Marks.

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