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Welcome to MIPATEX, your premier destination for high-quality polymer products designed to elevate both agricultural practices and infrastructure development. Our commitment lies in enhancing productivity and efficiency in farming while ensuring durability and reliability in infrastructure projects.

MIPATEX: A Brand by MIPA Industries

MIPATEX proudly stands as a brand under the umbrella of MIPA Industries. Known for its commitment to quality and innovation, MIPATEX offers a diverse range of polymer products designed to meet various industrial and agricultural needs. From durable HDPE Geomembrane to versatile Tarpaulins and Vermi Beds, MIPATEX products are trusted by customers worldwide. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, MIPATEX continues redefining polymer industry standards.

MIPA Industries

MIPA Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality polymer products, catering to a wide range of industrial and agricultural needs. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, we have built a reputation as a trusted provider of advanced and environmentally friendly solutions. Our diverse product lineup includes HDPE Geomembrane (Pond Liner), Tarpaulins, Vermi Beds, Weed Mats (Ground Cover Fabrics), Mulching Films, Azolla Beds, Shade Nets, Grow Bags, Biofloc Tanks, Geoline Tanks, Orchard Covers, Geotextiles, Lay Flat Pipes, HDPE Pipes, DWC Pipes, and Irrigation Pipes.

Specializing in plasticulture, geosynthetics, protected farming, and piping solutions, we deliver cutting-edge products tailored to meet our customers' unique requirements while promoting environmental sustainability. Backed by a dedicated team of experts, we are committed to providing superior products and customer service, ensuring our clients receive maximum value for their investment. With an unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, MIPA Industries is the preferred choice for industrial and agricultural applications.

Our Journey

Established with humble beginnings, MIPATEX embarked on its journey with a passion for driving positive change in agriculture. Over the years, we have evolved and expanded, leveraging technological advancements and industry insights to develop a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the diverse needs of farmers across India.

Trusted Name in the Industry

Over the years, MIPATEX has earned a reputation as a trusted name in the industry. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence has made us the preferred choice for farmers, infrastructure developers, and industry professionals.

Product Range

Our extensive product range includes a variety of polymer products tailored for agriculture and infrastructure development. From high-quality tarpaulins and pond liners to innovative solutions like vermi beds and shade nets, we offer a comprehensive range of products to meet our customers' diverse needs.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is at the core of everything we do at MIPATEX. We adhere to stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that every product meets the highest standards of excellence. With most of our products carrying ISI certification, customers can trust in the superior quality and reliability of MIPATEX offerings.


MIPATEX proudly holds Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) certification for HDPE Geomembrane (IS 15351:2015), DWC Pipe (IS 16205:2018), and Vermi Beds (IS 15907:2010). Certifications for Mulch Film (IS 17216:2019) and Orchard Cover (IS 17731:2021) are currently in progress. Additionally, we are an ISO 9001:2018 certified company, reaffirming our commitment to quality management systems and customer satisfaction.


MIPATEX is empaneled as a supplier for various subsidy schemes by State Governments Agriculture and Horticulture Departments. This recognition, particularly for products like HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liners, Orchard Covers, Vermi Bed, and mulch films, emphasizes their vital applications in agriculture.

Our Presence

With a robust presence on leading ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others, Mipatex products are readily available to farmers across India. Additionally, we are empaneled with state governments in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and beyond. This further reinforces our commitment to driving agricultural development and empowerment.

Our Customer-Centric Approach

At Mipatex, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service and support, assisting customers every step of the way – from product selection to after-sales assistance. We understand the unique challenges faced by farmers and strive to offer tailored solutions that address their specific needs.

Bulk Inquiries

For bulk orders or customization inquiries, use our website form. You can also call, email, or message us on WhatsApp directly. Our team is here to assist you with tailored solutions promptly. At MIPATEX, customer satisfaction is our priority, and we're dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.

Join Us in Cultivating Excellence

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, dealer, retailer, small-scale farmer, or an agricultural enterprise, MIPATEX is here to support you on your journey to success. Explore our range of premium agricultural plastic products and experience the difference that MIPATEX can make in your farming endeavors. Together, let us cultivate excellence and usher in a brighter future for Indian agriculture.

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